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Captain Hervé Jaubert


Hervé Jaubert is a former French Navy officer, marine engineer and DGSE secret agent.   He famously built submarines for Dubai's government, before escaping politically motivated persecution in the UAE.  He is an accomplished author and has successfully helped numerous people extract themselves from dangerous and often life threatening situations.  Princess Latifa escaped the UAE with Jaubert and made it to the safety of international waters where the US flag should have protected them.  The two were then abducted by special forces and detained in the UAE.  Jaubert is ensuring that those responsible for the illegal attack are brought to justice.


Under the Radar with Hervé Jaubert

Escape from Dubai, by Herve Jaubert

Princess Latifa obtained a copy of Escape from Dubai and contacted Hervé Jaubert to discuss her plans and enlist his help.  The pair talked for seven years before she finally decided it was the right time to get out.

Latifa told Jaubert and Radha Stirling, that she needed to get out for her sister's sake.  Sheikha Shamsa was too weak to travel and her situation was only getting worse.  Latifa told Stirling and Jaubert that she needed to get out and then she could negotiate her sister's freedom from the safety of abroad.

Latifa felt she could trust Jaubert to assist her, without turning her in to Sheikh Mohammed.  Her father had wide connections and most security companies would have relationships with him.  Jaubert could be trusted and Escape from Dubai gave her that comfort.

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Hervé Jaubert in the media