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Princess Latifa issues media statement

Princess Latifa issues statement for media release via her newly appointed London lawyers

“I recently visited 3 European countries on holiday with my friend. I asked her to post a few photos online to prove to campaigners that I can travel where I want. I hope now that I can live my life in peace without further media scrutiny. And I thank everyone for their kind wishes”.

Public supporters have taken to social media to express their confusion over Latifa's sudden 'change of heart'.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai was contacted by Princess Latifa during the assault on Nostromo has explained that the United Nations is the correct body to be addressing Latifa's case with the UAE. "Since we instructed United Nations involvement in March 2018 on behalf of Latifa, they have been the correct body to ensure her safety. The UAE has cooperated in providing proof of life and sharing photos of Latifa traveling and dining on social media. To close the UN case though, the body must be satisfied that their withdrawal is the genuine wish of Latifa herself.

"An important consideration here is that Latifa should never have been kidnapped from a US flagged yacht in international waters. The UAE should never have felt emboldened to take such unprecedented military action to then kidnap and detain five foreign nationals and Princess Latifa. The gravity of this act has been somewhat overshadowed by the concern for Latifa's welfare but if left unaddressed and unpunished, we will only see further extreme criminal acts committed by belligerent countries outside of their jurisdiction.

"Cptn. Hervé Jaubert bravely helped Latifa escape in 2018, risking his life to save her. He was violently assaulted, abducted, held in a UAE prison and interrogated. He was then returned to his boat after it had been looted and damaged by military forces. Then he discovers he was listed on Interpol's Red Notice database for 'kidnapping' causing him to be separated from his family for almost a year as a result. Hervé had every right to feel safe from such an attack, but nobody can feel safe from a rogue government willing to commit such an atrocity in complete violation of international law.

"Interpol is responsible for accepting the frivolous red notice from Dubai and we are preparing a lawsuit against Interpol in the United States. They must be held to account for the lives they continually ruin."


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