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Spy who helped Latifa seeks action against satellite company he alleges divulged their location

Herve Jaubert, the ex-secret service agent and captain of the Nostromo, has announced plans to file a lawsuit against PLC Satellite provider KVH, Rhode Island NY, who, he alleges in his latest book, Princess Latifa & the Spy, disclosed his position following the high-profile escape of Princess Latifa from Dubai back in March, 2018.The suit alleges potential violations of data privacy and undisclosed damages against KVH Satellite Provider, Inc. (NASDAQ: KVHI) ("KVHI") and a number of its directors. The announcement is also seeking an inquiry into why the FBI have seemingly shelved their investigation into a case that saw a US vessel come under illegal attack in International waters.

Jaubert said in his statement, "in the US we believe in freedom of speech, freedom of sovereignty and the unalienable right to protection in law. America has always championed the rights of men and women and yet these basic human rights were denied to an innocent young woman whose only crime was to reach out. Princess Latifa was given no assistance and denied her right to asylum.”

Jaubert claims KVH, along with US agencies, divulged confidential information that led to a criminal assault that subjected Jaubert and his crew to torture by a country with a long history of human rights abuses.

Jaubert seeks answers as to why the US has not thoroughly investigated the attack by Indian warships on a American civilian vessel; why no steps have been taken by the US to secure Latifa’s release; and why US entities assisted UAE/Indian forces to attack and seize a private US yacht.

Radha Stirling, CEO of organisation Detained in Dubai who was telephoned by Princess Latifa during the attack on Nostromo and who has been campaigning for her release ever since, said “the militarised attack on a US flagged yacht by Indian & UAE forces was in clear breach of international law. The attack illustrates increasingly belligerent behaviour from forces in the gulf region. Not only did the UAE and India go unpunished by the USA, but this fact may have increased confidence in neighbouring countries like Saudi, who seem to believe they can act with impunity such as with the killing of Khashoggi in Turkey. With the kidnapping of Latifa’s sister Shamsa from British soil, the assault on US yacht Nostromo and the murder of US journalist Khashoggi, we see a dangerous pattern that Western countries need to show will not be tolerated.

“We note systematic abuses of Westerners both within the gulf borders and now, we see these same countries extending their human rights violations outside of their jurisdictions.

“If indeed US company KVH did divulge the location of Nostromo and this led to an international incident, abduction and torture of a US citizen and the ongoing detention of Princess Latifa, this warrants serious investigation by US authorities and the victims deserve answers”.

Herve Jaubert has known Princess Latifa for over 7 years and continues to campaign for her freedom. He has established “The Latifa Trust”, a US charity in her name, to help the many women who are subject to abuse in the gulf region and has released “The Princess and the Spy” in hope to raise awareness of her plight and to help Latifa tell her story, a story the whole world needs to know.

Hervé Jaubert told Detained in Dubai “I wrote Latifa's story for the world to know what she tried to achieve in her bid for freedom. She is now a model to many other women in the Middle East . It is also to clear some misconceptions on what happened. The book also includes things that have never been said before and some stunning revelations on the cause of her capture and the attack on Nostromo and the crew.”

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