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Princess Latifa photo campaign continues in Iceland

Princess Latifa's European tour continues

Princess Latifa photo campaign continues in Iceland

Sioned Taylor, who has been working for the Dubai royals for a number of years, has published another tourist photo to her Instagram account, showing Princess Latifa in Iceland with Marcus Essabri.

“Although Princess Latifa has not communicated directly to the public or via her own social media accounts, her appointed lawyers in London have been communicating her wish to ‘lead a quiet life out of the media spotlight’ to British journalists and campaigners”, said Radha Stirling, the founder of Detained in Dubai who Latifa called in the middle of the attack on Nostromo.

“The United Nations has followed Latifa’s case from the beginning in 2018 when we instructed Toby Cadman QC. Since then, they have expressed grave concerns for her safety and demanded proof of life and her freedom. The UN is the correct forum to continue to monitor Latifa’s plight and we have submitted relevant evidence and testimony to the body since her capture”, added Stirling.

“The attack on Nostromo was unprecedented and it was brutal”, commented Captain Hervé Jaubert, the former French secret service agent who helped Latifa escape. “We were in international waters when the military attack took place and we were all violently forced to the UAE, the country from which Latifa was seeking asylum. We should have been protected by Nostromo’s US flag and Latifa should never have been taken against her will”.

USA Today recently reported that the FBI was crucially involved in the attack that led to the capture of all onboard Nostromo. Detained in Dubai and Due Process International are continuing to investigate the incident. “We have set up a new campaign “Nostromo Attack” which will be updated with content we are able to extract from whistleblowers and from legal disclosure mandates”, explained Stirling. “This unprecedented act of violence against all onboard and including a US citizen under the US flag, must not be ignored. The escalation of lawless acts and offences committed extrajudicially will only end in more bloodshed. If the US was responsible for aiding their ally, they need to confront this tragic truth and ensure it never happens again”.


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